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drowned-in-daydreams justbrass
journaling my journey of getting over you

it’s been almost two months

and it’s still hard trying to let go of 11 months of memories.

you were my whole life at one point.

it’s time to move on and forget.

i’m almost scared for the night time, because that’s when i have the deep urge to call you and sob.

i want to so badly right now.

someone hold me back

august 30th 2014, 10:51 pm

"A great piece of music is beautiful regardless of how it is performed. Any prelude or fugue of Bach can be played at any tempo, with or without rhythmic nuances, and it will still be great music. That’s how music should be written, so that no-one, no matter how philistine, can ruin it."

Dmitri Shostakovich (via maddiebkhandige)
maddiebkhandige bachtothefugue
  • Most People: "Classical/instrumental music is great to study to."
  • Musicians: HAHA THAT'S A GOOD JOKE
trumpetjoy shosta-brovich


Big Bang!!! (by nimitnigam)
drxgonfly shosta-brovich

Kuniyoshi Utagawa / 歌川国芳
japonisme-japonism deceptivecadenza

the only advice you’ll ever need
twibs mahleriana


if you want to get in the mood for conquering the world making contracts with your soul or intensely looking at your lover within a striking landscape shostakovich is your go to guy 

scriabinwasaplayer bachtothefugue